Silent messaging is allowed in the Clubhouse except for the Lambert Room. Messaging must be discrete and non-intrusive to member, in anyway.

Cell phone calls are permitted in the locker rooms, designated phone booth inside the Clubhouse, and the parking lot.

Landlines are available for use in the reception area.

Children may only use cell phones for necessary communications only via silent text messaging and brief cell phone calls. They are allowed to text or call ONLY in the locker room or photobooth provided in the clubhouse. Children are not allowed to linger in the locker rooms on their phones.

See specific rules to cell phone policies in the locker rooms.

Pool Cell Phone Policy

Silent messaging is permissible in all pool areas by adults only. Messaging must be discreet and not obtrusive in any way.

Phone calls may bediscretely made in locker rooms or parking lot of the pool facility.

Landlines will be available for use in the entryway of the pool reception area.