Not permitted in any area of the Club

-  Hats & visors in any indoor areas of the club (except to/from locker rooms, patio and pool facility)

-  Light wash denim

-  Ripped/frayed/distressed denim

-  Denim shorts, denim skirts/dresses

-  Ripped clothing

-  Midriff showing tops

-  Cargo pants/shorts

-  T-shirts with writing (except pool facility)

-  Men in any type of sleeveless shirt

-  Yoga pants/athleisure clothing (except for specified times in pool facility)

- Flip-Flops (except pool facility, patio and to and from club house locker rooms)

- Bare feet (except for pool facility)

- Sports clothing outside of appropriate attire for club sports (except for pool facility)

-  Children under the age of 13 are not allowed in the Club House Bar, and must be accompanied by an adult. Children under the age 16 are not permitted in the Pool Bar (including infants and toddlers).

Additional caveats highlighted within each section of the club, please see below

Denim Rules

ONLY dark denim, White Denim & Nantucket Red/Salmon Denim Pants and ONLY WHITE denim jackets are permitted at CCNC.

- No ripped, frayed or distressed denim

- No light wash denim

- No blue denim jackets, denim shorts or denim skirts/dresses

Clubhouse/Grill Room/Bar/Patio

For Men & Boys

Appropriate pants/shorts (Khakis, dark denim pants, Bermuda length shorts), collared shirts, turtlenecks, mock turtlenecks and dress shirts are acceptable.  Shirts must be tucked in (including Hawaiian shirts). Belts must be worn (boys age 4 and up). Closed toe shoes are required and should be presentable. Flip Flops are allowed on patio.

For Women & Girls

Appropriate length (guideline- no shorter than 6" above the knee) shorts, dresses, skirts, skorts. Pants (slacks, dark denim, white denim, Nantucket red/salmon denim) and shirts/blouses. Appropriate open toe shoes allowed.  Flip Flops allowed on patio.

Sports Attire, such as appropriate golf attire & tennis whites, is allowed after playing club sports. See Green Book for full information regarding permissible CCNC sports attire.

Hats are permitted at dining tables on Clubhouse Patio Dining and seating areas, like fire pits, and Adirondack chairs. It is preferred that members remove hats while sitting at patio dining tables if sun/hair is not a factor.

Clubhouse Living Room

Clubhouse/Grill Room/Bar/Patio Attire required.

Appropriate attire for Club Sports allowed before 6:30 pm.

Not Permitted in Living Room

- No Children under the age of 16 permitted without an adult after 6:30pm

- No Sports attire after 6:30pm

Clubhouse Lambert Room

The Lambert room will now follow the dress code for the Grill Room.

Pool Facility: Pool Deck, Snack bar, Locker Rooms & Outdoor Casual Dining

Beach cover-ups/shirts and shoes must be worn when entering AND leaving the pool facility.

Family appropriate bathing suits are required at all times (i.e. appropriate cover, no thongs).  T-shirts and flip-flops are allowed. Appropriate exercise/athleisure clothing is permitted until 6:30pm. Bare feet allowed everywhere aside from pool covered dining.

Pool Outdoor Casual Dining

Pool deck attire (bathing suits, bare feet), sports attire, appropriate exercise/athleisure clothing is permitted in this area. These tables are for pool casual dining.

Pool Covered Dining/Bar

Cover-ups, shirts & shoes required.

Flip-Flops are allowed at all times.

You MUST be 16 years of age or older to be in the Pool Covered Dining/Bar area, including infants and toddlers.

Not Permitted in Pool Covered Dining & Bar

- No Exercise/Athleisure clothing after 6:30pm

- No Bare feet

- No one under the age of 16, including infants and toddlers is permitted.