Guest Information

Cell Phone Policy
In general, cell phones are not to be used at the Country Club.  "Silent Communication" is permitted in both the clubhouse locker rooms and the pool locker rooms.  Cell phone calls are also permitted in the parking lots. 

Dress Code
The Country Club of New Canaan’s members and guests are requested to dress in a manner suited to the setting and decor of the Club House and grounds. To that end, short-shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, blue jeans, cutoff jeans, and similar clothing are not permitted within the confines of the Club grounds. Casual dress is permitted in the Club Room, Grill Room and on the dining patio. A jacket and tie is required after 6:00 p.m. in the Formal Dining Room. With the exception of the pool area, men must wear shirts with collars in all areas of the club. Men and boys are requested not to wear hats in any indoor areas of the club. Bathing suits are restricted to the pool area. Coverups and shirts must be worn in the gazebo area and in all areas outside of the pool area.

Membership Inquiries
Thank you for your interest in The Country Club of New Canaan. All membership inquiries should be directed towards existing members.  Please call the office if you have further questions.